VETERANS - Inventory Control Assistant

Syracuse. NY [NJ]
Syracuse, New York

Last Day to Apply: June 19, 2021

**Please note, this is a company working with Clear Path for Veterans

Job Title: Inventory Control Assistant
Reports To: Production Control Manager of Operations

Summary/Objective: Responsible for performing a variety of administrative functions such as
but not limited to conducting parts (including but not limited to castings) counts, updating job
travelers, updating manual logs and then subsequently entering the manual log data into the
prescribed Excel files, ERP system or proper electronic file(s). Maintains a pleasant internal and
external customer relations demeanor to enhance the reputation of the company.

Job Responsibilities:
 Counts in process and location end processed parts including but not limited to castings
 Updates the production travelers to reflect the most current and correct data daily.
 Updates the manual final inspection and heat treat logs and other logs as required to
reflect the most current and correct production inspection/production processing data
daily and which job(s) the requisite heat treat and/or raw inspection data is associated
 Enters into the required Excel file(s) the heat treat/raw inspection/other updated and
correct manual logs which also has job numbers assigned to the requisite data.
 Inputs the continually updated manual data logs and other manual logs as required data
into the required electronic Excel spreadsheet daily.
 Maintains an accurate log of new part numbers added to the inventory system.
 Tracks and updates inventory moves in the Syteline system or other required
system/software/file daily.
 Traces and catalogs parts to ensure they are continually matched with the correct
travelers. If a mismatch occurs between the traveler and the proper part, tracks down the
traveler and correct part pairing thereby ensuring that the correct traveler and part move
 Cross references manual logs input into spreadsheet/database by utilization of Excel
 Monitors, and verifies that parts match to the traveler in location(s) through a continuous
verification process.
 Impresses upon employees the importance of keeping travelers and production parts
 Enters production processing data into various spreadsheets as required.
 Adheres to all safety policies and practices, consistently uses personal protective
equipment, and practices good housekeeping.
 Maintains regular on time attendance and adheres to company policies, procedures, and
standards of conduct.
 Proactively supports the ISO process approach to quality management and the Syteline
MIS system.
 Applies classroom and on the job post training information, knowledge, skills, and
abilities consistently in a quality oriented manner (wherein the KSAs are part of the jobs
tasks, duties and other tasks as requested).
 Performs other tasks as directed.

Educational, Experience Based, and Skill Qualifications
 At least 3 years of experience as an Inventory Control Clerk, Inventory Control Assistant or function,
or in a related area
 High school diploma or equivalent;
 Knowledge of office management systems, procedures, and equipment such as but not limited to
printers, copy machines, email, and fax machines.
 Proficiency in MS Office including, Word, Excel, and Access and preferably Syteline or a program
such as SAP.
 Excel Skills creating references, formulas, linking spreadsheets, data extraction from 1 Excel
spreadsheet to another, indexing and/or matching data, conducting data merges etc.
 Accurate data entry skills. A 55-60 WPM/data entry key stroke pace desirable.
 Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
 Attention to detail and problem solving skills.
 Excellent written and verbal communication skills
 Strong organizational and planning skills with ability to multi task.
 Proficient in MS Office
 Professionalism
 Supply Management
 Inventory Control
 Verbal Communication
 Office Administration Procedures
 Typing Skills
 Attention to Detail
 Accuracy
 Multitask
 Teamwork
 Patience
 Strong attention to detail
 Work environment typical of Foundry and involves work tasks on production floor and in
office setting daily.

Physical Requirements
Ability to walk, remain on feet for extended time periods, reach, stoop. Kneel and lift up to and
including 35 pounds as needed. Visual abilities and manual dexterity.

Salary: $18/hr+ DOE

Hours : 7:00 AM-3:30 PM Monday-Friday

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