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Clear Path for Veterans: Career Services
Syracuse, New York
Locations: Syracuse, Ithaca, Oneonta, Utica

Last Day to Apply: April 15, 2023


Canine Care Technician


Salary, Hourly Non-Exempt


Full-Time, Hours may vary


Senior Manager of Canine Research and Development


Job Summary

Clear Path for Veterans, Inc. (CPV or Clear Path) is Upstate New York’s Veteran Resource Center, serving as a hub of information, programs and services for Veterans and their families.  Clear Path for Veterans is located in Chittenango, NY.  The incumbent in this position provides routine care to canines assigned to the Puppy Development Program throughout the Clear Path for Veterans (CPV) New York (CPVNY) location. In this capacity, this position will be responsible for providing cursory exams, biological fulfillment, grooming, dental care, body composition assessments, and other activities focused on assigned canines' health and wellness. The Canine Care Technician will collect and input data into the canine management software. This position actively listens to staff while maintaining realistic expectations and promoting teamwork.

Primary Functions


Routine Canine Care

  1. Maintain cleanliness and functionality of the Puppy Development Center.
  2. Monitor and provide routine care to canines assigned to the Puppy Development Program.
  3. Assist Puppy Development Coordinator in temperament/behavioral testing.
  4. Provide ongoing feedback to the Puppy Development Coordinator and Trainers on the status of assigned canines.
  5. Provide transportation to and from locations to benefit training, health, and overall development of assigned canines.
  6. Will be expected to attend training and maintain knowledge of training standards in accordance with Assistance Dogs International (ADI).
  7. Regularly meet with the Canine Program Team to discuss training and dog development
  8. Document all training and behavioral notes

Team Cohesion and Efficiency

  1. Promote teamwork by communicating regularly and effectively with the Canine Program staff. Should cover a variety of topics including ongoing reports of routine canine care functions (i.e., health concerns, weight management, cursory exam observations, etc.).
  2. Support volunteers to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. Assist team members in a variety of tasks to provide support to the overall mission.



Administrative and Miscellaneous

  1. Unwavering commitment to quality service and data-driven program evaluation.
    1. Develop and maintain accurate records related to canine care and development in compliance with data management standards operating procedures.
  2. Exhibit maximum flexibility to respond to emergency dog care or other urgent canine program
  3. Represent or assist in representing Clear Path for Veterans at various community events and other activities.
  4. Complete other duties or tasks assigned or needed to complete job responsibilities and support Clear Path’s mission.


Education and Experience Needed


  1. Successful completion OR currently enrolled in a program of study related to the field(s) of canine training and management, animal science, or other related fields.
  2. 1 year of proven successful experience training dogs using modern training techniques preferred
  3. Excellent verbal, written presentation, and IT skills.
  4. Experience working with or maintaining extended associations with Veterans preferred.


Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities Needed to Perform Effectively in the Position


  1. Understanding of and commitment to Clear Path’s mission, policies, and protocols.
  2. Superior interpersonal and communication skills.
  3. Skilled in handling canines.
  4. Good observational skills.
  5. Exceptional organizational skills.
  6. Good knowledge of canine care.
  7. Knowledge of Military and Warrior culture.
  8. Knowledge of materials, methods and equipment used in cleaning and caring for facilities.
  9. Respect, interest, and concern for the wellbeing of canines in the program.
  10. Computer literacy and the ability to operate office equipment sufficient to perform the functions of the job.
  11. The ability to be compassionate yet firm and exercise good sound judgment.
  12. Ability to exhibit passion and support for the Clear Path Veterans mission.
  13. Ability to understand normal and abnormal canine behavior.
  14. Ability to work with a diverse group of people.
  15. Ability to offer creativity and innovation to promote ideas and outcomes.
  16. Above-average ability to problem solve.
  17. Ability to understand and work with PTS, MST, and TBI in Veterans.
  18. Ability to travel and work flexible hours including weekends.
  19. Ability to exhibit passion and support for the mission of Clear Path for Veterans.


Additional Requirements


  1. May be required to work weekends, and evenings as needed.
  2. Participate in special events as required.
  3. Required to travel to chapter and affiliate locations as strategically defined.
  4. Attend conferences and networking opportunities on a frequent basis.


Work Location


Work locations will vary depending on day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. As a Nationally focused position, it is not required to remain fixed and/or full-time at a designated location. Working remotely/hybrid may be required to increase efficiency and not impede on day-to-day operations of chapter/affiliate Canine Program site locations.


Job-related Physical Abilities needed to perform the job in a satisfactory manner


Must possess speech and hearing sufficient for telephone and in-person communications.  Manual dexterity is sufficient for constant use of computer keyboard and other office equipment.  Vision sufficient for frequent use of a computer monitor, developing and reading paperwork. Must be able to stand and be actively mobile for extended periods of time, including bending, stooping, reaching, running, balancing, etc. Must be able to lift a minimum of 35 lbs.    


  • All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities.





  1. Ensure all Clear Path for Veterans employees conduct themselves in a professional manner towards others including but not limited to; Veterans, volunteers, other Clear Path employees, and visitors.
  2. Ensure that Veterans, volunteers, employees, or visitors have a positive experience with Clear Path.
  3. Supports and promotes the Clear Path mission.
  4. Adheres to Clear Path for Veterans policies and procedures.
  5. Promotes teamwork amongst coworkers.
  6. Meets or exceeds expected performance standards, including consistently reporting to work on time prepared to perform the duties of the position.



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