Coating Operator

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Syracuse, New York

Last Day to Apply: May 31, 2023

Job Title: Coating Machine Operator

Hours and Pay Rate: 2nd Shift, Starting pay $20/hr 

Job Summary:  The Coating Machine Operator is responsible for setting up and operating a coating printing machine to produce print on label rolls. Coating machine uses 300-degree adhesive (silicone and hot melt adhesive).


  • Follow standard operating procedures and specifications or instructions of higher-level technical personnel and monitor meters, gauges, valves, flow ratios, temperatures, pressures, and related controls and guidelines to ensure adherence to production/process specifications.
  • Maintain production records and logs of equipment and product performance.
  • Adjust set up and process operations accordingly.
  • Follow coating formulas to weigh and prepare coating solutions for application to substrates (paper, poly, etc.).
  • Inspect and examine printed products for print clarity, color accuracy, conformance to specifications, and external defects.
  • Test coat weights, and functional properties after coating to ensure quality product.
  • Load raw material into machine and unload finished product.
  • Perform tests and check product routinely for multiple characteristics using standard measuring devices and making some judgments against not readily measurable standards.
  • Set and adjust speed, temperature, ink flow, and positions and pressure tolerances of equipment.
  • Examine job orders to determine details such as quantities to be printed, production times, stock specifications, colors, color sequences, and anilox BCM (Billion Cubic Microns)
  • Select and install rollers, feed guides, gauges, screens, stencils, dies, and cylinders in machines according to specifications, using hand tools.
  • Monitor feeding, printing, coating, and racking processes of presses to maintain specified operating levels and to detect malfunctions, making adjustments as necessary.
  • Clean and lubricate printing and coating machines and components, using oil, solvents, brushes, rags, and hoses.
  • Pour or spread ink, color compounds, and other materials into reservoirs, troughs, hoppers, or color holders of printing units, making measurements and adjustments to control color and viscosity.
  • Measure screens and use measurements to center and align screens in proper positions and sequences on machines, using gauges and hand tools.
  • Other duties as assigned.

 Technical Certification or Associates Degree in printing processes desired, not required.
 Previous coating experience and/or flexographic printing experience desired, not required.
 Stand and walk 95% of the time.
 Extensive lifting and bending actions.
 Physically capable of lifting to 75lbs.

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