Plaster Molder

Syracuse. NY [NJ]
Syracuse, New York

Last Day to Apply: May 31, 2023

Job Title: Plaster Molder
Reports To: Plaster Mold Supervisor

Hours and Pay Rate: 1st shift 6 am-2:30 pm M-Fri. $15.50 to start. Location: Syracuse

Job Summary: Responsible for weighing and mixing plaster and subsequently pouring it into a mold.

Job Responsibilities

  • Weighs plaster and water and mixes together
  • Pours plaster mix into mold
  • Uses strike off bar to level plaster with top of mold
  • Strips molds, removes flask, visually inspects, removes flash and makes minor repairs
  • Loads molds into ovens
  • Clean molds and flasks
  • Completes and/or maintains required reports and records
  • Meets quality and quantity standards for the position.
  • Proactively supports the ISO process approach to quality management and the Syteline MIS system.
  • Adheres to all safety policies and practices, consistently uses personal protective equipment and practices good housekeeping.
  • Maintains regular on time attendance and adheres to company policies, procedures, and standards of conduct.
  • Applies classroom and on the job post training information, knowledge, skills, and abilities consistently in a quality oriented manner (wherein the KSAs are part of the jobs tasks, duties and other tasks as requested).
  • Performs other tasks as directed.

Education/Skills: High School diploma or equivalent

Physical Requirements: Must be able to lift up to and including 35 pds. needed.

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